I Am Picture Book


Books to Inspire a Child

Sure to be one of your child's best picture books, I Am encourages children to explore the positive qualities that they possess. I Am discusses the importance of being motivated, helpful, knowledgeable, and many other positive traits. It's a great book for boys and girls.

I Am and I Love are companion character building books. They are great children’s books for kindergarten classes, and I Am is an especially good book for 6 and 7 year olds. I Love and I Am are inspiring African American children’s books to read with all children.

Age: For preschool through second grade
Hardbound | 7 5/8 x 7 3/4 |  ISBN 0-9814874-4-0
Author: Nadine Johnson

"I Am, is filled with playful and energetic rhyme. Children will rush to the next page to see what they can be. Every word inspires and enlightens a child to dream of the possibilities of who they can be. The photography with its soft shadows show a child being whatever he chooses. A child can be talented, powerful and helpful. Parents and teachers can guide a child through all of his/her potential and introduce them to real life people who have soared to higher heights.

    The encouragement that I Am can bring to a child is wonderful and inspirational. It creates a “can do” attitude for whomever reads it. I highly recommend this book."
—Kristi’s Book Nook, Book Reviewer, kristisbooknook.blogspot.com

"Author Nadine Johnson has done it again. Her latest book, I Am, is fun, timely and sure to be a hit with emerging readers. 
     I Am explores the world of a precocious toddler who is just beginning to discover the layers of his own personality. He learns that being helpful to his family brings him joy; he delights in the fact that reading books helps him learn; and he celebrates (and makes plenty of noise) figuring out what his talents are and how he can improve them as he grows.
Like its fraternal twin, I Love, I Am is a beautiful and important book that offers stunning photography and precocious content guaranteed to spark young interest. This book, like its counter-part, has a sleek, aesthetically beautiful hardcover binding designed to withstand wear and tear and day-to-day handling."
—Rita Lorraine, Picture Book Depot, picturebookdepot.com