Teach Your Child How to Study

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Author, Nadine Johnson, discusses teaching your child how to study. Watch her video.

Our kids are given a lot of test during school, but they are not taught how to study for those tests. So it is up to us as parents to teach our kids how to study and help them study.

My son always knows everything until I ask him a question! So here are some studying tips that I use to help him.

Vocabulary - I give him a pretest so he understands what he already knows from what he needs to work on.

Math - I give him problems he hasn't seen before so that I know if he's working from memory or if he understands the concepts that are being taught.

Social Studies/Science - I quiz him on the facts. You can make it fun by doing a Jeopardy style quiz and give your child points for the correct answers.

Fact-based Information - Create flash cards. Just make sure your child learns both sides of the cards...  

 Author, Nadine Johnson
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