Takeoff Family Board Game

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It’s time to have fun with planes again!

Air travel is supposed to be fun and exciting. We are bringing back the excitement with Takeoff — a family board games that's lots of fun! Takeoff was created by a 12-year-old plane enthusiast. My son fell in love with airplanes at the age of three, so I wasn't surprised when he showed me the original concept for this game. We developed the game and created a gameplay that is unpredictable, easy-to-learn, and fun to play! And now it's available through our Indiegogo campaign


The creators of Takeoff Board Game

Takeoff™ is a thrilling, unpredictable family board game all the way to the end. With a flip of a card, players compete to be the first to fill up the seats and services on their plane so they can takeoff and win. Get on the runway and experience the excitement of Takeoff™!  Visit out Indiegogo campaign to learn more about this awesome game.

We are so excited to share our Takeoff family board game with your family. Please purchase a copy through our Indiegogo campaign.

Be Blessed!

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