Quality Children's Books

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When my son was a toddler, I loved going to the library and picking out picture books to read to him. I found great children's books that were fun to read and educational. As he grew older, it became difficult to find quality stories for him to read—stories that didn’t undo the moral lessons that I was teaching him.

That is what led me to writing children's books. It is important for children to read as much as possible. It is equally important for them to read quality children's books that support and build their core values—books that are appropriate for their age and emotional well-being. Children should be able to laugh, sympathize, and go on adventures with the characters in a great children's book without feeling uneasy about the content.

I just released my new chapter book, Bing vs. the J-Crew, and I hope it entertains, engages, and inspires children. Bing vs. the J-Crew is a light-hearted, hilarious chapter book with tons of illustrations that kids will love. Bing vs. the J-Crew is a fun book to read, and it has important lessons on bullying for children ages 7-9.

Quality Children's Books

I will to continue write great children's books that keep kids reading and inspired!

Nadine Johnson
123 Mango Tree LLC

Bing vs. the J-Crew
Ages 7-9
January 2017
Hardbound | ISBN 978-0-9814874-7-5 | $12.95
128 pages | 110 illustration | 5.75 x 7.5

Order here: https://www.123mangotree.com/products/bing-vs-the-j-crew



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