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Author, Nadine Johnson, discusses how to help your child get and stay organized throughout the school year. Watch her video.

Now that your children are in school, they are going to get tons of assignments and homework. The older they get, the more work they will receive so it's important for your child to be organized. Unfortunately, we are not born with organization skills. We have to be taught those skills. 

So how do you get your child organized?

1) When your child comes home, have him unpack his bag. You will find all sorts of things in there. Have him put everything in its proper place. That way he won't be searching for papers in the future - he will know exactly where they are.

2) Spend ten minutes asking him what he did that day in each class. That will help him remember some work he might have forgotten to do, and you will know what's going on with his education.

Teach children this routine from day one, and it will help them stay organized throughout the year. 

 Author, Nadine Johnson
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