Allergies Part 1: Eczema Relief

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Help your child get some relief from eczema.

It is reported that over 30 million Americans suffer from eczema. Eczema is a itchy, scaly rash that occurs on the skin. It's usually in the crevices of the arm or the back of the knees. Unfortunately for my son, he had eczema on over 90% of his body by the age of one. 

We went to many doctors and received different prescriptions for creams and lotions, but they didn't help or offered much relief. So I decided to treat his eczema from the inside out. I completely changed his diet. For example, I took him off all dairy product because the doctor said that dairy could aggravate his eczema. I took him off all junk food, prepackaged and fast foods. Everything he ate was made from scratch and naturally seasoned.

I took a look at the soaps and detergents that I was using and switched to products without perfumes or dyes. I stopped using scented sprays and candles. I also moisturized his skin daily with products like shea butter, Eucerin and Aquaphor, which worked pretty well.

I had to also keep him occupied throughout the day so he wouldn't be tempted to scratch....

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