Start a Reading Routine

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Start a reading routine with your child today. See video for details.

Don't forget to add books to the list of things your baby needs. It's never too early or late to start a reading routine with your child. Research shows that a child's success in school can be determined by the amount of words she hears by the age of four. Talking and reading to children are the best ways to expose them to as many words as possible.

When I was about seven months pregnant, I waddled into Target and bought two of my favorite board books. The first one was Joy by Joyce Carol Thomas. Reading this book to my son at the end of a long day actually filled me with joy. The second book that I bought was Pretty Brown Face by Andrea and Brian Pinkney. The feature that I love in this book, is the mirror at the back. That's how my son actually learned how to find his eyes, nose, and other facial features.

Read all sorts of books with your children - story books, books about elephants, tigers, or flowers. Bedtime is the perfect time to read to your child, so start a reading routine today!

The Last Night I Dreamt Children's Book Series is a perfect way to start. 


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